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Next G and Bigpond Wireless Broadband Antennas & Accessories

Telstra Mobile Broadband 3G-4G Antennas and Bigpond Wireless Broadband Antennas & Accessories

Mobile broadband reception problems? Need to improve your mobile broadband connection? Get better mobile broadband reception, speed and coverage with one of our external antennas. Telstra's Next G network operates on the 850MHz frequency and Telstra's 4G uses 1800MHz. Our Next G antennas and Next G patch leads provide improved mobile coverage and recpetion for your BigPond wireless modem or Telstra Mobile Broadband modem. Whether you're out at sea in a boat and need better mobile coverage, in country areas or just in a fringe or poor mobile recpetion area our external antennas can help. We have magnetic base antennas, boat or marine anennas, building mount antenna kits and indoor antennas and desktop antennas as well as 4wd bullbar mount antennas and aerials to improve your mobile reception.

3G & 4G voice and data.  Need a better signal for your wireless internet connection or NBN Call Today

Need a better signal for your wireless Internet connection.  Running too slow or too far away and obstructed from a phone tower, we can provide an antenna solution that will improve your signal an therefore you link throughput.  We use top quality 3G Antennas and LMR200/400 cabling  to connect them to you devices.

We also sell and Install NBN Services Satellite and Fixed Wireless


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